Dec 24, 2012
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how to enter your floor’s annual holiday bakeoff:

make a butterscotch budino.  (twelve-dollar-bottle-of-dark-rum involved!)

realize that you did not let the caramel base heat up for long enough to be considered caramel, and that the toasty underlying flavor is sorely missing.

make a second try batch of butterscotch budino.

realize that you added one key ingredient (a teaspoon and a half of salt) too late in the game for its flavor property to properly be absorbed into the budino mixture, and curse yourself for going through the entire budinomaking process again, this time waiting long enough for the caramel base to toastify, only to make an entirely different but equally critical mistake.


mix the two faulty batches of butterscotch budino.

make the caramel sauce.  (real vanilla bean pod and seeds included!)

modify such caramel sauce to burnt caramel sauce, because perhaps the heat was too high when you were making it?  i prefer a toastier taste anyway, honest to all.

realize that you made too little caramel sauce.

make more caramel sauce.

whip up some vanilla creme fraiche

spoon out by-now-at-1-a.m.-sufficiently-chilled-budino-mixture into glass cups.

top with burnt caramel sauce.

dollop vanilla creme fraiche.

next, make caramel lace.  waiting is involved.  patience until it turns a “rich amber hue.”

this time, no mistakes.  yay!

peel off parchment paper and position caramel lace pieces into budino cups.

insert three rosemary needles per cup, for holiday cheer and an evergreen fragrance.

sprinkle with edible gold dust.  start with a mini makeup dusting brush, then feel finger spasms approaching and resort to expeditious finger sprinkling everywhere.

sprinkle edible gold stars.  start meticulously with tweezers, then feel familiar finger spasms approach and resort to said expeditious finger sprinkling.

chill overnight.

take to work the next morning.


cackle silently but tiredly due to lack of sleep from a late night of cooking, caramelizing, whipping, dolloping, lacing, near-spasming and sprinkling.

oh, and the result?

close-your-eyes delicious!

  1. troubadourheart said: that looks ah-mazing, trudy. please tell me you won the bakeoff!
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